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LawLogic - Regulatory Overview and Compliance

LawLogic is a tool that clarifies the concrete requirements for specific laws and regulations. With a simple overview, you can begin self-assessments, distribute tasks and build an understanding of where you need to focus your efforts.

Initially, we have a set up for NIS2, but soon Dora, ISO27001, and other regulations will also be available.

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LawLogic values simplicity and clarity. You can see how far you have progressed in working with a regulation, who is responsible for what, and where additional efforts are needed. Your work is scored for extra clarity.

Requirements are broken down into manageable subsets, which in turn can be broken down into what needs to be done for you to meet the requirements. If you have even higher ambitions regarding a certain theme, you will receive help in defining additional activities or efforts.

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Work Distribution

If you need to involve colleagues, you can easily do so in the tool. This makes it easy to allocate resources, either with colleagues or with external resources. Who is responsible for a particular issue or section is clearly visible in the overview. It also becomes clear for all involved what time frames or deadlines apply.

This means that we step by step help you get everything in place to ensure a successful launch. Additionally, we are close at hand for future questions or to assist new case managers.

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Risk Management

Regulations and laws often contain many different parts. In LawLogic, you get help in assessing different sections or issues. This way, you can prioritize the order in which efforts should be made or assess how best to use available resources in an area.

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