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Tackling misconduct – strong organizational culture

A whistleblower system with a serious approach signals willingness to address problems and may make a long-term contribution to developing trust and a creative environment within the organization. 

Lantero offers a unique approach that combines simplicity and access to investigative support from independent lawyers. This helps to create the conditions for an organization that practices what it preaches. Where all employees feel responsible for highlighting problems and acting to combat misconduct. 


It is often desirable to have an open dialogue about problems in organizations, but in reality employees often wish to remain anonymous when they draw attention to problems.  A channel that is out…

Protection for internal investigators

When employees conduct investigations about colleagues and superiors, risks arise in connection to relationships and dependences.  Lantero’s support system creates a framework for the process and …

Right investigative competence

A good whistleblower system needs good investigators who can assess the cases received. Maintaining the right expertise with constant availability within the organization is both a challenge and a cost…


In the introduction below, the idea and purpose of the Lantero whistleblower system is presented.