Investigation Partners

Lantero provides a technical platform for whistleblowing and serves as an independent advisor on case management and processes. For case investigations, we collaborate with a network of law firms and other investigators. This gives us access to a broad range of expertise and flexibility in handling potential conflicts of interest or bias. Lantero assists in specifying requirements for investigators, ensuring clear expectations between parties and controlled, predictable costs. Here is a selection of the firms in our network.

FylgiaFlood Herslow HolmeDahlgren & PartnersMarLawdNovoMAQSWeslau SöderqvistHH PartnersReimsDKCORaeder Bing

Framework Agreements

It is possible to purchase Lantero's services through the framework agreements of Kammarkollegiet or Adda. This means that defined terms and structures apply when making a call-off, and the contracting party becomes the current framework agreement owner. Lantero collaborates with several suppliers, and it is currently possible to make call-offs through the following actors:

AteaRedpill LinproInsight

Membership Agreements and Other Collaborations

Lantero also has other types of collaborations. We cooperate professionally with certain types of actors to offer a broader range of services. We collaborate with certain member organizations and industry associations in commercial setups for discounts or specially tailored arrangements. Examples of companies and organizations we work with include:

BenifyBIFAInstitutet mot MutorPocketLawSvenska KyrkanVindexWeCall

Lantero's operations are constantly evolving, and we welcome initiatives that can help our customers or us as a company. We continuously develop new offers in both products and services. Contact us if you have ideas that we should discuss!