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Updated features

Published: November 28, 2023

The team at Lantero is working continuously on offering our customers a tool that is as good and easy to use as possible, and in this blog post we would like to tell you about some of the functionality that we have updated or added the past months.

We have users who are not Swedish citizens and can’t use BankID for two factor authentication. For those customers and users, we offer two factor authentication using one-time codes sent out using e-mail and SMS.

For the customer who have many cases to handle, there are new functionality as well. You can define a name for each case, making it easier to find the correct case in the case overview. In addition to that, we can also configure your user settings so that you can receive a daily digest for your notifications, instead of receiving individual notifications when a case progresses through the system. It is also possible to switch off notifications completely for a particular user.

We have created a handling log, where you can document any actions that are performed outside of the whistleblower system for a given case. This function is particularly well suited if you have multiple case handlers collaborating on cases.

Apart from that, we have added support for more languages and the possibility to get notifications and reminders by SMS as a complement to e-mail.

We are constanlty looking to improve, so any feedback is welcome!