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New rules 50+ empoyees

Published: December 20, 2023

The new requirements for whistleblower systems for all companies with at least 50 employees have been introduced in Sweden and several other countries.

Lantero has been working with whistleblower solutions since 2014 and has different packages for various types of organizations to meet different priorities regarding cost, support, and functionality.

During the fall, there has been intense work to assist new customers, but the picture is that many still haven't implemented a solution. Many questions still arise about the new rules and how to approach them as a slightly smaller employer.

A common question for companies with around 50 employees is how to manage independence in case handling. It's more likely that conflicts of interest arise in a smaller organization, yet the number of reported cases is often low, and there is often greater sensitivity to costs.

A whistleblower solution doesn't have to be expensive. At the same time, it may be unwise to choose a low-cost solution, as it may mean a lack of support from an experienced provider or that the provider's business model is structured in a way that potential follow-up dialogues risk being overpriced.

We at Lantero are happy to engage in discussions if there are questions. We appreciate the dialogue and are eager to continuously gain a better understanding of the problems and concerns of existing and potential customers.

New rules also mean that it may take time to establish a practice in the field. The organization setting up a whistleblower solution for the first time should ideally seek support from an established player to get a long-term functioning solution in place to the greatest extent possible. At the same time, it is not difficult to add features or change the whistleblower process if needs, preferences, or understanding of the issue change later on.

It's also worth considering that it's not just the independence issue that is interesting when it comes to the support of external handlers. It can also be a question of competence, availability, or the need for internal political support from an external assessment.

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