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Conference on Anti-Corruption Work

Published: November 24, 2023

In December 11-12, InsightEvents is organizing an anti-corruption conference in Stockholm. Lantero is participating with a session on whistleblowing and how to set up effective reporting channels and processes.

The conference takes a practical perspective on how organizations should think and act. Speakers from academia, government, and the private sector will discuss various aspects of corruption. This includes general legal awareness, contexts where risks arise, whistleblowing, current societal issues, experiences with regulation, new considerations related to AI, and international perspectives on the matter.

The conference will be moderated by the well-known anti-corruption figure Louise Brown, and among the speakers is Ulrik Åshuvud from Transparency International Sweden.

Insight Events describes the event as follows:

"What are bribes and corruption according to the Swedish people, and where is the gray area between what is criminal and just friendly assistance?

Bribes and corruption are costly – both in terms of financial damage and damage to trust. It reduces the organization's efficiency, and proactive efforts to detect and identify risk areas are crucial. Fundamental to all organizations is a sound business ethics and morality. It must then be translated into guidelines and procedures to act in a timely and appropriate manner if the worst happens. It is, of course, better to have procedures and create conditions to prevent scandals. However, this is an ongoing effort that must always be on the agenda.

Over the two days, companies and organizations, as well as researchers and experts, will share their work and knowledge on anti-corruption."