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Black Week Offer

Published: November 23, 2023

In anticipation of the whistleblower law requirements for whistleblower systems to apply to all companies with at least 50 employees, Lantero is running a campaign with a unique Black Week offer.

"The offer is not only a way to test the effectiveness of individual channels where we run marketing campaigns but also a push to expedite orders from some of the many companies that are last-minute in their approach," says Joakim Wirén, Digital Manager at Lantero.

The offer is valid throughout the week, as long as the order is placed in time via the online order form.

"Running a campaign during Black Week may seem a bit unusual for a service targeting the corporate sector rather than consumers," Joakim Wirén continues. "But even though anonymity is a core value for us, we have an open approach to working methods and are willing to try new ways of working, including in marketing."

The average discount during Black Week is around 20 percent, but Lantero chooses to go further and discount the first-year subscription for a whistleblower system by 50 percent. This is partly because the new rules will soon come into effect, making it a strong call-to-action. It is also because, based on experience, they know that their customers tend to be satisfied and are likely to stay once they have started working with them.