Reporting service for Expandia Moduler

The Lantero whistleblowing service is a channel for employees to report misconduct related to Expandia Moduler. The system ensures disclosures are professionally and consistently processed in a timely way.

Click the button to file a disclosure – please be as specific as possible.

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When filing disclosures it is important to aid their investigation by being as specific as possible.

Disclosers receive feedback by confidential email with anonymized addresses.

Investigations are handled by independet external lawyers and reported to a specially chosen person at Expandia Moduler.

If the information disclosed is insufficient, investigators can request supplementary information. To avoid processing delays it is important to file such information as quickly as possible.

Requests for supplementary information or feedback about processed disclosures are always anonymized – investigators cannot view discloser names or email addresses.

The Lantero reporting service is completely separated from Expandia Moduler, which cannot see any personal details, IP addresses, or email addresses of disclosers.

Be careful how you express yourself, not to reveal your identity. You also need to consider user data in attachments, deleting information that could give you away before disclosing files.

All information relating to disclosures is erased after investigations are completed, leaving no sensitive information stored in the Lantero system.

Who can file disclosures?

The service is open for employees, customers and suppliers. All disclosures are considered.

What is the service for?

The service enables organizations to handle problems and misconduct as early as possible. Anonymity is provided as a supplement for employees who might feel uncomfortable talking to their managers or if an external party is not comfortable speaking to his or her normal points of contact.

Who can access disclosures?

The independent lawyers who investigate cases, the Lantero team who appoint investigators, and the specially chosen team receiving investigations and reporting to the management.

How are investigations conducted?

According to a defined process. Only investigators can log in and access disclosures.

How long do investigations take?

Initial investigations normally take about two weeks.

How can disclosers follow how cases proceed?

After investigations disclosers are given brief details of how their cases have been processed or why they have been written off.

If you have any questions, please contact For more information about the service, go to