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Anonymous reporting

It is often desirable to have an open dialogue about problems in organizations, but in reality employees often wish to remain anonymous when they draw attention to problems. 

A channel that is outside the organization’s own system, with an opportunity for anonymous correspondence with an investigator, often increases willingness to use the channel. This helps organizations to address problems as early as possible.

Lantero’s system provides strong protection for the whistleblower, but also emphasizes protection for the individual who is involved in the misconduct. Through the use of encryption, storage on Swedish servers, information sharing outside of the e-mail system, login using BankID authentication, etc., the data is stored so that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Process support

To ensure that cases are managed consistently and professionally, the investigation process is controlled by a case management tool.

The investigator logs into the system to work with a case and the system ensures that the right questions are answered within the right time, with the necessary investigator support, reminders and instructions.

The system enables investigators to share information with each other without sending sensitive information by e-mail. The system also enables anonymous correspondence with the discloser.

Independent processing

Regardless of how investigations into misconduct are carried out within an organization, by whom and according to which procedures, it is important to have clear principles and to identify risks. 

Lantero helps customers to assess the extent to which external help is needed, during the entire process or as support if there is a heightened risk for a conflict of interests.

Allowing external investigators to assess the case is a good way to avoid conflicts of interest. Lantero provides a high level of service through its network of investigators. Mostly, Lantero works with lawyers to ensure that investigators have specialist skills and work in compliance with the Swedish Bar Association’s guidelines. However, depending on the organization, other investigators may be more appropriate. 

Lantero’s approach means the customer does not need to pay to keep qualified investigative competence available, as the external investigators cost nothing until they begin working. 

Irrespective of whether the investigation is carried out internally or externally, Lanteros’s system provides a structure for the assignment. The discloser provides information using a reporting form that makes supporting documentation clear and investigatable. The management tool drives the process forward, defines the questions to be answered, incorporates peer review into the process, etc.

Examples of investigators in Lantero’s network:


E-learning and information material

A whistleblower system that is not known may as well not exist.

It is important to provide information that the whistleblower channel exists and the purpose it serves. This enables it to contribute to a sound organizational culture.

It is natural to use existing communication channels and Lantero helps to develop relevant information material.

Customers who want to check that the employees have read the information are offered the opportunity to use Lantero’s standardized e-learning course. Employees can complete the course in a few minutes and it is possible to see the percentage of the personnel that have read the material.

General terms and conditions

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the general terms and conditions are applicable to Lantero’s customer relations.

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