Opportunities - customized to fit your needs

At Lantero, the service is customized to your needs. Language, channels, screening and the way to investigate cases, can be adapted to create a solution that suits your organization.

Customization of texts

Possibilities to make changes on the introduction page to the whistleblowing channel 

Company Logotyp

Multiple languages

The system is available in several languages and can easily be translated to any language. There is support for UTF8.

Multiple reporting channels

Possibility to have different reporting channels. For example one for employees and another for suppliers. 

Responsive web design

The user interface is adopting depending och what device you are using. 

Reporting via mobile device

Reporting via computer

Reporting by telephone (oral)

Screening of all incoming reports

Assessment of incoming cases for further handling, internally or by external independent expert. 

Categorization of cases

Internal investigation

It is possible to have an internal trust group doing investigations. Possibly with an external independent investigator in case of conflict of interests.

External investigation

Opportunity to have external independent experts who carry out the investigation, to avoid conflicts of interest. Either someone you choose or someone from Lantero's network.

Assign cases to different investigators/teams

Multiple number of administrators

Case management tools for the investigation

Tools that support the investigation and collects everything in one place. 

Anonymous dialog

Possible to ask questions to the whistleblower without compromising the anonymity.


The process ensures that you are not alone in assessing an investigation.


Automated statistics or qualified compilation and analysis.

Translation support

We offer translation manually at a cost. We believe that automated cloud solutions are in conflict with GDPR.

Policy documents and information material

We provide you with suggestions on texts that you can use at your launch.

Online training

Digital training material for staff.

Administrator training

Unlimited number of employees

The channel channel can be used by unlimited number of employees.

Implementation support

We will give you the support you need to ensure a successful implementation.

Fast and easy

An installation is normally fast and easy and there are no requirements on your IT-systems as this is an external implementation. 


We help you whenever you are in need of support or any changes.

Datastorage in Sweden

All data is stored physically at two different locations in Sweden. No data is stored outside Sweden. 

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