A registered e-letter makes it possible to send information securely, also outside the processes in Lantero’s whistleblower system.

How it works:

  • Information is entered/attached in the form.
  • The recipient’s e-mail address and personal identity number are entered.
  • The recipient receives a mail with an encrypted link.
  • Using the link, the recipient can read the information after verifying their identity using BankID.
  • The information is erased from our databases.


Registered e-letters are sent using flexiteBPMS software, which, for example, handles information distribution in many municipalities and county councils, where security demands are very high.

E-identification is made using Svensk E-identitet, the leading supplier of authentication services in Sweden. The information uploaded is removed after seven days and after a further 30 days, we erase all personal data. The information can also be erased immediately on the request of the recipient.

The service meets all GDPR requirements and complies with the applicable guidelines on cloud services issued by the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

The security of the service is guaranteed in the following elements:

  • Upload of information (HTTPS)
  • Encrypted storage in database
  • Link sent by e-mail (TLS)
  • The link is encrypted (144-bit encryption)
  • Authentication (HTTPS)
  • Check of recipient using e-identification
  • Documents are erased
  • Personal data are erased

Terms and prices

The cost of a registered e-letter is SEK 50, but the first three sent from an organization are considered to be tests and will not be invoiced.

If you are already a customer of Lantero, this service will be invoiced together with other services. If you do not have an agreement with Lantero, you are nonetheless welcome to use the service and we will send an invoice when the volumes justify it.

We can also set up the service specifically for your organization, so that it can be integrated with your intranet. Contact us for more information.

Send a registered e-letter
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