Comment from SIS on new whistleblowing standard

31 augusti, 2021

In an interview in Dagens Nyheter (Swedish), Project Manager Tina Bohlin talks about the new whistleblower standard and what significance it may have in relation to the new legislation in the area.

Tina Bohlin talks about the international collaboration around developing the standard, which organizations are affected and how an organization can approach the issue.

Among other things, she describes how the work becomes easier if you have worked with the issue before and already have some type of solution and routines in place. She also describes that the standard is not directly linked to certain legislation, but should be international and general. It therefore cannot be guaranteed that a solution based on the standard will meet all legal requirements.

Tina Bohlin is also clear about the importance of working with openness in the organizational culture so that people will dare to speak out about misconduct.

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