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About Lantero

Since 2014, Lantero has provided whistleblower systems that combine simplicity of management with sophisticated solutions for case handling. 

The overarching idea behind Lantero is to pull together expertise and availability to achieve efficiency in both flows and resources. Through the use of IT solutions, with a focus on usability, the needs of customers are linked to available experts. 

By acting as the facilitator, Lantero can always provide independent investigators, choose the best and most appropriate IT solutions and work with storage and security procedures that take into account GDPR, ISO 27000, the Cloud Act and other voluntary and regulatory factors. 

Lantero is based in the Nordic region, but also has a presence in other parts of the world through customers and partnerships.  

To ensure security and usability, the Lantero solution is built on the business process management platform Flexite, with over 400 000 licensed users. 


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